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The first product line ACI manufactured in 1991 was temperature sensors. This line has grown in scope every year since and has become a staple in the industry today. ACI goes the extra mile by double encapsulating and using high-quality etched teflon for probe-based sensors. ACI Temperature Sensors


ACI has embraced the challenge of bringing a highly accurate and durable relative humidity sensor to the HVAC Industry for an affordable price. ACI has incrementally enhanced its design over the past decade to mold it into the industry standard it is today. ACI Humidty Sensors


Pressure accuracy and reliability is critical in the HVAC industry. ACI has not compromised in terms of design or calibration methods. Every ACI product is designed to exceed its listed specifications. This is evident with our pressure products and how their performance levels set them apart from similar products.ACI Pressure Sensors


ACI has designed a comprehensive line of current sensors and switches, combining numerous positive attributes into one package. In addition, ACI has the perfect complement, the Command Relay Series. ACI Current Sensors


Two major driving forces behind gas sensor selection are Demand Control Ventilation Systems and concerns over air quality.  ACI has been supplying Carbon Dioxide sensors for years and is well versed in their application and technical support.  ACI also carries a comprehensive line of CO, NO2, Toxic, Combustible, and Refrigerant Sensors.  ACI Gas Sensors


Interface Devices help Building Automation System managers address the need to improve energy efficiency, regardless of the software, firmware or hardware involved. They offer greater flexibility in several areas, potentially saving time, money, and energy. ACI Interface Devices


ACI’s wireless product line is based on MESHNET 900TM MHz Spread Spectrum Mesh Network Technology. It provides the HVAC Industry a much needed option for a proven, reliable, and cost effective solution. Our staff has spent countless hours training on these devices. We are well versed to help you with the selection of products for your wireless applications. All of our Wireless products can easily integrate with any Building Automation System. ACI Wireless Sensors


ACI offers additional product solutions for smoke detection, freeze stats, light level sensors, mounting plates, power supplies, transformers and more. ACI Accessories