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An Inside Look

ACI's Product Calibration Lab. 100% testing, no sample or batch testing as a default. Our returns based on a manufacturing defect is 0.034%



ACI Company Video

Since our founding in 1991, Automation Components, Inc. (ACI) has been dedicated to excellence. From our humble roots as a seven-person company to our sprawling facilities and overseas offices of today, ACI has maintained a deep commitment to our core values: service, integrity, pride, and loyalty.



How to Build an ACI Part Number [Thermistor]

Learn how to build an ACI part number for a Thermistor with a General Mounting configuration and a Thermistor with a Wall Mounting configuration.



Control Trend Awards, 2013 Nomination:

ACI’s, Chad Schwenn, stopped by for a chat. ACI is up for several 2013 ControlTrends Awards, including: Best Peripheral Products of the Year from a Small Manufacturer, Best Technical Support (Vendor) of the Year, Best Marketing Tools and Support, and Barry Gordon for Technical Support Person of The Year. Barry was co winner last year for this award.



ACI Product Video:

Automation Components, Inc. has been a manufacturer of performance sensors for the HVAC Industry since 1991. Our company’s motto is“Engineering a Better Sensor Solution” and this concept is embraced throughout our entire organization. ACI’s core products provide application solutions for: Temperature, Relative Humidity, Pressure, Current, Gas, Interface Devices, and Wireless.



Meshnet 900 [Diagram 1]

Wireless Solutions with Wireless Sensors



Meshnet 900 [Diagram 2]

Wireless Solutions Converting Hard Wired Sensors



Meshnet 900 [Diagram 3]

Wireless Solutions with Wireless Sensors & BACnet™/LonWorks® Protocols


Meshnet 900 [Diagram 4]

Wireless Solutions Converting Hard Wired Sensors & BACnet™/LonWorks® Protocols



Google Hangout:

Chad Schwenn, Business Development Director at ACI, participates in a Google Hangout discussing the importance of social media in the HVAC industry. Joining him are Eric Stromquist and Ken Smyers, both of Controls Trends, and CGNA's Nhadira Johnson.


Giving Back, Cabrini Green:

The first interview in our Giving Back series is with Casey Thompson, Edgewood College graduate student and lead counselor of Cabrini Connections. Casey, along with a group of Edgewood College Teacher Education Candidates, collaborated with Cabrini Connections in Chicago to develop a three-day program that focuses on the needs and goals of Chicago’s at-risk youth. The mentors, aspiring teachers who have dedicated their lives to education, worked one-on-one with students to provide them with the guidance and tutelage they need to achieve success as adults. In this video, Casey describes, in his own words, what the program means to him, his colleagues, and Chicago’s Cabrini Green community. 



Giving Back, REACH-a-Child™

The second video in our Giving Back series features Paul Gilbertson of REACH-a-Child™. Founded in 2007, REACH-a-Child teams up with first responders across the country, using books to bring smiles to the faces of traumatized children. When a police officer, firefighter, or EMT witnesses a child in crisis, they can simply pull out their REACH-a-Child™ BACKpacket, and offer the child a book to read. This draws the child's attention away from the situation at hand and creates a positive interaction with a first responder. The power of imagination provides a child with an escape from a vehicle collision, domestic dispute, or natural disaster. Throughout the past year, ACI has had the privilege of building a strong relationship with Paul and REACH-a-Child™ We hope to continue working with such an honorable organization for many years to come.