What type of merchandising do you prefer to use at your business?:

American Made


In communicating with our customers and colleagues, we’ve learned that many of our industry professionals feel strongly in favor of purchasing American-made products. At ACI, we feel the same way. We are committed to manufacturing and sourcing locally. While our competition may import materials from overseas, we team up with companies in our own backyard.

Our cutting-edge facilities and technology allow us to keep manufacturing jobs close to home, and we take pride in doing so. In 2011, after purchasing a multi-million dollar product line, ACI’s first move was to each and every outsourced job back to our own production lab in Middleton, Wisconsin. For us, this was not only a practical decision, but an ethical one. We have continued to achieve enormous success, without compromising our values.

By purchasing American-made products, you are supporting the United States economy, safe working conditions, and a living wage for your friends and neighbors -- causes that we are honored to stand behind. ACI is proud to place a “Made In the U.S.A.” label on our products, and will continue to make it a top priority.


Automation Components, Inc. (ACI) is based out of Middleton, Wisconsin and has been a manufacturer of high performance sensors for the HVAC Industry since 1991. ACI’s company motto is “Engineering a Better Sensor Solution” and its core products provide reliable and economical application solutions for: Temperature, Relative Humidity, Pressure, Current, Gas, Wireless and Interface Devices. ACI has the manufacturing capacity to service the largest OEMs in the HVAC Industry and still has the flexibility to provide excellent support for distributors, contractors, and end users.